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Get all of Oracle’s functionality at a fraction of the cost

Migration Fallacy
Life is too short

to rewrite SQL

Conventional wisdom has you rewrite all applications to switch from Oracle to PostgreSQL — all the SQL, and much of the surrounding code too. Gartner estimates 80% of all migrations drown in the complexity of such a project and never get completed. Worst, on average the cost of a conventional migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL is not recouped until 10 years later.

Datometry opendb

The first database

fluent in Oracle

OpenDB is a drop-in replacement for Oracle databases. Replace your driver and connect your applications to OpenDB as if it was Oracle. Don’t modify your applications, don’t change a line of code.


One insight

A Multitude of Scenarios

80% of all Oracle customers use only about 20% of the features. That’s what makes OpenDB feasible. If OpenDB already covers you today you’re good to go — if not, we’ll be getting there very soon.

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Feature Request Feedback

The More you Use it

The better it gets

Whenever your workload references a feature that isn’t yet supported by OpenDB, it creates a compact, self-contained repro: anonymized, safe and secure.

These reports enable us to build what you really need. It’s that simple: The more you use it, the better it gets.

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OpenDB Explorer is already available on AWS in 3 versions in the following configurations. Additional offers on Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform available soon.



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